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Smart on the outside, even smarter inside.

Every Bellaria Design’s product is easy to transport, easy to assemble and disassemble, completely customizable and 100% water resistant.

100% Made in Italy

Designed and made in Italy with the best materials and craftmanship.

Simple, yet sophisticated. Technological craftmanship at its best.

Our “Tree Of Light” took 2 years to design, requires 85 custom parts, latest-gen LEDs and 60 men-hours to build. The result is an amazingly beautiful and simple shape, built to impress.


We Sell

You can buy our products for a permanent installation.

We Rent

Need our furniture for an event? We can rent and install it for you.

We Customize

Our products are customizable for a lasting impression.

A word from the designer

The poetry of a Tree, light as air and magical as light.

Versatile and functional, it is ideal for both the commercial as well as the private use: a party on a terrace, a cocktail outside a bar, an event at a fair.

The inflatable and luminous foliage evolves from pure decorative and expressive elements to formidable mean of communication.

The backlighted opaline top of the vase contributes to the oneiric and evanescent atmosphere that the object evokes around itself.

Tomaso Schiaffino
Art Director Bellaria design


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